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At the heart of every great playing guitar is a precision setup

Every player has their preference of how high they like the strings off the fingerboard. Action height is set with micro adjustments to string height at the nut and the saddles, Precision tools are used to set these measurements. Each string height is measured to the fret top across the fingerboard so it matches the curvature [radius] of the fingerboard. These specs can be copied from guitar to guitar and saved for use in future setups

Buzzing and dead notes .
Improper adjustments anywhere in the system can cause these problems. Simple as that - a guitar is a precision machine and if incorrectly adjusted you may have this result. In some cases the problem may lie in the frets themselves and even though it is a bit more serious it can easily be remedied with some work on the frets. See the frets page.

I want my new guitar or bass to feel just like my favourite.
Often a new guitar or bass will not feel quite right even though it sounds and looks just great. The setup data on any given instrument [e.g. your favourite player] can be accurately measured with precision instruments. These measurements can then be used to set up the new guitar or bass. The result will be that you new acquisition will feel just like your favourite.

Truss Rod adjustment
Unless the correct tension is set no amount of tweaking the nut and saddle will mean anything until this setting is correct. This adjustment should not be done unless you know what you are doing. Trust me on this - you don't want to hear the sound of a snapping truss rod.

Things may feel good but if the saddles are not set right the intonation will cause sour chords and notes all over the fretboard. Intonation is very carefully set using state of the art electronic stroboscopic tuners so you can be assured of sweet notes from the first to the 24th. It must be done after all other settings are correct. Changes made anywhere in the system will have an interactive effect on the other settings so it needs to be done correctly in the right sequence.

What is included in a precision setup?

Every set-up job passing through my workshop has the nut slot heights, string height above the frets, intonation and pick-up heights carefully adjusted. Tuner backlash is adjusted if necessary, nuts tightened and threads lubricated as required. All moving parts in the bridge are cleaned and thoroughly lubed. If you have a tremolo equipped instrument it will be re-floated to allow smooth, efficient operation. All the electronics are checked for proper operation. Every set-up job is completed with a brand new, top quality set of strings.

Need advice?
If you are unsure just exactly why your instrument doesn't feel right I can advise you on how it can be set up correctly having regard for the type of music you play and your particular playing style

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