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#28-06104 - Cielo Mar [Spanish for sea Sky] Sold - Special order
Very light and resonant. The retro 60's surfie styling does not really equate to her agressive tones. Brierley vintage style p90 and a '52 lead for tele.

The thing that fascinated me about Cielo is the counterpoint beteen the roaring P90 and the incandescant searing tones from the lead pickup. In the middle selector position a beautiful rich jangle emerges from the melding of the two producing a unique third voice.

The p90 rhythm pickup wide open has a huge dark overdriven tone and as you back off the volume it gives way to a warm, woody vintage 50's tone reminiscent of the late 40's pre humbucker gibsons favoured by the R&B pickers of the day. The Lead pickup is reminiscent of the muscular tone of the 50's Broadcasters having muscular cutting power and incandescant clarity.

Serial number convention breach with this guitar. It was built between January and November 2014. As close as I can work out the serial number should be 28- 061014 which is when the finishing was done on the neck. It was handwritten and once on in sharpie could not easy be changed.

Cielo Mar #28
Cielo Mar #28
Cielo Mar #28
Cielo Mar #28
Cielo Mar #28
Cielo Mar #28
• Model Custom build - Astrocaster [Telstar Mk 4]
• Serial Number #28-06104
• Body Tasmanian Myrtle - chambered
• Weight 2.7kg [5.9lbs]
• Finish matt
• Neck Vintage 21 fret, 10" radius, modern C
• Neck - finish nitro
• Neck plate - inset 3mm stainless plate
• Frets vintage style nickel silver alloy
• Tuners Gotoh SD91 Nickel
• Bridge by Rutters - compensated brass saddles
• Pickups Brierley p90 and 52 lead for Tele
• Nut tusq XL
• Strings D'Darrio Nickel EXL-115 .011"-.049"

Carlton custom built instruments are made to exacting standards using top quality air dried tone-woods and the finest quality, industry standard hardware available. They are built by my hands from start to finish specifically for you. I I won't compromise quality for price. I am dedicated to creating fine tone unlike the multinational guitar factories that are dedicated to making money.
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