This page is for reference only. Building cabinets to order has been discontinued. Occaisionally I may put one up for sale that I have built for my own enjoyment / experimentation.


Custom Built Amplifier Cabinets

Built to your specification from the finest available parts and materials.

All cabinets are hand built in my workshop. They are one off originals built to last a lifetime.

I don't use laser cutting, cheap joinery methods or urethane glues.

Tolex and Tweed are available in traditional and not so traditional colours & patterns.

The Cabinets
There are no "set" models as such -
Each cabinet shown is a one off cabinet built to the specs arrived at by consultation with the client. All speaker configurations are catered for:

Specifications unless otherwise stated
Furniture grade timber
Dovetail joinery
BS Marine ply baffles and backplates
Teenut speaker mounts
Solid handles with teenut mounts
Steel corners
Quality acoustic grill

Below: some of the projects built here are shown to give an idea of quality and diversity
Mini 1x12
TV 1x12
1x12 and head
Narrow front combo
2x10 combo
1x12 40's combo
Head shell
  Valvetone combo
TV Front Combo
"Two in One" combo
40s style in walnut
2x12 Maxi combo


Wide edge 1x12
A compact 1x12 with a big sound. Options available - Closed or open back - closed / open back convertible - size 520x420x290 -


The "Two in One" combo
The idea was brought to me by the owner of one of my guitars, a Walnut hotrod. He had a pair of bare low powered chassis that needed to be housed. Instead of building separate headshells they were to be mounted on interchangeable modules and used in a small footprint 1x12 combo cabinet. the concept was that the chassis could be swapped over with a minimum of fuss. He wanted the combo cabinet to match his walnut guitar.
My client had the following to say:

"Just wanted to let you know that the cab is great (I'm actually sure that you know that already). :biggrin: Approved by my better half, and it sounds fantastic. Even the missus commented that the cab sounded tighter than my 4x12- to which I wholeheartedly agree even though I don't know why. Thanks again. I'm really pleased that we did this project together "


The two chassis modules. The electronics are completely enclosed, both have rubber feet and handles as each will spend part of its life on the top of a 4x12. Effectively these are equivalent to headshells.
The rails at the sides in the upper area take the chassis. Tee nuts are installed on the underside of the rails and both chassis modules base plates have matching mount holes. Four 5mm bolts hold the module tightly in the cabinet . We have a parallel speaker extension out in the bottom plate.
The Marshal in place.
The Valvetone in place. You can see why those little side plates are on that module.
The finished cabinet. The timber was sanded very fine and burnished until it reflected light, The surface was then treated with sealing oil which brought up the figure and rich colouring of the US Black Walnut.


!x10 Cabinet
Wide edge style in the tradition of the old Strauss and Eminar cabs built in Melbourne in the late 60's early 70's. Quite large for a 1x10 450mm Wide x400mm Tall x 250 deep


TV Front combo
Vintage vibe cabinet - 1x12 or 1x10
Example shown is a 1x12 housing a Lil Dawg Chocodawg chassis


Valvetone combo cabinet
Got a Valvetone? Want a grab'n'go combo to save lugging that other cabinet along. This is a lightweight home for any Valvetone amp. takes a single 1x10 or 1x12

Above - inside a Valvetone - a piece of art created by Darryl Hoy


Head Shell
Custom headshells reproductions whatever
Shown below is a hand polished solid mahogany headshell built for a Little Dawg Mutt amplifier


1940's style 1x12 combo
When the electric lap steel craze hit america in the 30's and 40's there was a big demand for lap steel amps. many of these had rear, floor mounted amplifiers as in this example. This one is in solid hand polished mahogany. It housed a Lil Dawg champster, 450 wide x 400 tall x 250 deep


2x10 Combo
Nice roomy cabinet for a big tone
600mm wide x 515mm tall x 300 deep
Also available in 2x12


Tweed Style 1x12 combo
Built in the style of late 50's Fender Tweed cabinets
1x12 is 500mm wide x 450mm Hieght x 250mm deep
Generally built to client specs to fit a given chassis and speaker


A big roomy 4x10 packing plenty of punching power. Also available in a 4x12.
This cab with right speakers can sound as big a lot of the commercially produced 4x12's
680mm wide x 610mm hieght x 300 deep


!x12 and Head shell

Custom built headshells or cabinets for existing amplifiers or speaker cabinets.

The example shown was built to house a Mesa Boogie mark 1v short chassis combo
Speaker was the EV12ML
Timber used is US black walnut

Speaker cabinet design is the TS806 by Electrovoice designed specifically for the EV12Ml
Often known by the spurious title "Thiele Cabinet"
The TS806 is also available in 2x12 and 1x15 versions

The cabinet sounded amazing. After completion I fired it up with one of my amps for a brief minute or two and was blown away at how good it sounded.

See the build log for this project


1x12 TV Front

Definite 50's vibe in this cab.
The timber front gives little more focus than the standard ply baffle setup.
500mm. Depth: 295mm. Height: 450mm


1x12 Narrow Panel style

Built in the style of the Narrow panel fenders of the late 50's
This one is in tweed but generally built in polished pine or hardwood
Width 510mm x Height 450mm x Depth 295mm
Plenty of airspace in this one for a big tone.


Mini 1x12
oo Compact 1x12
Small footprint punching well above its weight.

400mm x 400mm x 240mm deep